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Have you ever bought a car on finance?

If yes, it’s quite possible you were mis-sold and that you paid a secret commission. An investigation by the Financial Conduct Authority has found evidence of widespread mis-selling across all types of car financing options.

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Mis Sold Pensions

What is a Mis-Sold Car Finance or PCP Claim?

Have you ever bought a car on finance? If so, there’s a potential that you might have encountered a situation where you were misled, possibly resulting in undisclosed commissions. Recent scrutiny by the Financial Conduct Authority has unveiled indications of extensive mis-selling within various car financing avenues.

In certain cases, undisclosed commissions were received by car retailers from lenders, with ties to the interest rates imposed on customers. The noteworthy aspect here is that car retailers, having the authority to determine interest rates, found an incentive to promote higher-cost credit, a practice contrary to the best interests of their clientele.

Mis-Sold Car Finance PCP

UK Car Finance claims in numbers

Romance Scams


Complaints received in the last year


Year-on-year increase in car-finance complaints


Of new cars are bought on finance


£40 billion

Amount borrowed to finance new cars per year.

*As of October 2023. Figures quoted by Motor Finance Online.

Mis Sold PCP Car Finance Claim

how do i know if i can make a claim?

Referred to commonly as a PCP claim, the potential for a claim arises if you financed the purchase of your car. The possibility of a mis-sold car finance claim exists, and a quick and straightforward method to ascertain this is for us to evaluate your car finance agreement. We will investigate whether any ‘secret’ commissions were disbursed to the car dealer or finance broker for arranging the credit agreement. Reflect on the following questions:

  1. Did you thoroughly comprehend the terms of the finance deal presented to you?
  2. Were you informed about other available finance alternatives?
  3. Were you made aware of the commission received by the car dealer or finance broker?

If uncertainty surrounds these aspects, it’s probable that you did not receive the best advice, indicating a potential case of mis-selling.

Why should i make a claim?

You are eligible to claim for mis-sold car finance if the salesperson failed to present all finance options, adequately explain the details of your contract, and the interest rates charged, make affordability checks or inform you if they would receive a commission.

A mystery shopping exercise conducted by the Financial Conduct Authority, revealed:

  1. Salespeople tended to concentrate on a single product, neglecting consideration of alternative options, leaving customers without well-informed choices.
  2. In discussions concerning new car sales, PCP took precedence over HP, often disregarding the customer’s preference to outright own the vehicle.
  3. Disclosure of the commission received by the dealer or broker was infrequently communicated.

These findings mean that if you have bought a car on PCP finance there is a high chance you have a claim.

Mis-Sold Car Finance PCP

How it Works

Complete the claim form


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We launch your claim


You receive your compensation


We are one of the leading claims handlers in the uk and have helped clients claim tens of millions of pounds in compensation. You only pay us a fee from the compensation rewarded – no win, no fee.

frequently asked questions

What's being done about mis-sold car finance?

The Financial Conduct Authority investigated the motor industry and ruled that the way lenders chose to reward their brokers were harmful to customers who ended up paying more for their car finance.

The use of ‘discretionary commission’, whereby the dealer doesn’t have to disclose what kickbacks they receive from the lender, has now been banned. However, it’s worth noting the FCA’s ban doesn’t prohibit the commission itself.

The difference is that it must be disclosed, making it more transparent. However, the British public has unwittingly been paying secret commissions, within their car finance deals, for years.

What is the process for making a mis-sold car finance claim?

Send us a copy of your car finance agreement, which we will treat in confidence, or if you don’t have a copy of your car finance agreement, then just let us know the name of the lender and dealership and we’ll request a copy.

We’ll then review this and advise you if you have a claim. If we accept your case, and you instruct us to act on your behalf, we’ll make a claim against the lender

If we can demonstrate you were mis-sold car finance, then we’ll recover compensation for you.

How much compensation will the court award me if my claim is successful?

This depends on the amount of finance taken, the interest rate applied, the commission model used and the length of the repayment term. However, it’s likely to run into thousands of pounds.

What makes Claims Supermarket different?

  • Specialist advisors are involved on every case and if necessary we will pay for specialist advice.
  • Claims are professionally and individually prepared and are submitted with the relevant evidence to support such a claim.
  • We believe that by taking this approach you can be confident that you have a claim with a strong prospect of success.
  • Claims Supermarket will not charge you for the initial investigation and can work on a no win no fee to take a case forward.

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