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Protect Yourself from Authorised Push Payment Scams

Authorised Push Payment (APP) fraud stands as the most prevalent financial scam in the UK, resulting in an economic loss nearing £240 million in the first half of 2023 alone.

It’s a straightforward yet deceitful tactic where individuals and businesses are duped into transferring money under false pretences. The perpetrators exploit trust, often masquerading as reputable entities or government bodies, to carry out their schemes.

Recognising Authorised Push Payment (APP) Fraud

APP scams occur when fraudsters manipulate victims into making payments or disclosing personal information under false pretences. These scams, often perpetrated online or through cold calling, rely on the victim’s voluntary cooperation.

Despite the term “authorised,” victims of APP fraud aren’t at fault. They may be eligible to reclaim their losses, as outlined below.

Common APP Scam Tactics

APP fraud encompasses various deceptive tactics, including:

  • Impersonation Scams: Perpetrators impersonate legitimate entities like delivery services or HMRC, exploiting victims’ trust to extract money.
  • Purchase Scams: Fraudsters offer non-existent goods or services, primarily through online platforms or fake websites.
  • Romance Scams: Imposters engage in online relationships to solicit money from victims, often manipulating emotions for financial gain.
  • Investment Scams: Criminals lure victims with promises of high returns on investments, leading to substantial financial losses.
  • Loan Fee Scams: Victims are charged administration fees for non-existent loans, prevalent during times of financial strain, like the summer months.
  • Lost Pet Scams: Scammers claim to have found missing pets, demanding ransom payments from pet owners.

APP Fraud Losses and Protection Measures

APP fraud losses amounted to £239.3 million in the first half of 2023, with consumers bearing the brunt of £196.7 million. The rise in “purchase scams” contributed to this surge, as consumers increasingly shop online, making them susceptible to enticing yet fraudulent offers.

To combat APP fraud, banks are swiftly implementing anti-fraud measures, including advanced warning systems and the Confirmation of Payee (CoP) service, expected to cover nearly all consumer payments by October 2024. Additionally, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) imposed a blanket ban on financial cold calls in August 2023.

If you suspect APP fraud, contact Claims Supermarket immediately and we can help you report and reclaim any money lost. If your bank adheres to the APP voluntary code and you, as a customer, has met the security standards you may receive full reimbursement.


APP fraud poses a significant threat, but awareness and vigilance can thwart scammers’ efforts. By recognising common tactics and staying informed about protective measures, individuals can safeguard themselves against financial losses and mitigate the impact of fraudulent activities.

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What do claims companies including ClaimsSupermarket do?

Claims Supermarket has an experienced team of claims management and financial services professionals. We aim to secure the compensation you are due by highlighting any errors, omissions or breaches in agreements and or legislation against the institution with whom you lost money. The rules and regulations can on occasion be confusing and we realise that making a claim may be a little daunting, that’s where our friendly and professional team can help. Not only will we manage you claim from submission to payout, we will also keep you informed each step of the way.

What is the cost to me for launching a claim?

Claims Supermarket offer a free initial review, if you decide you wish for us to take your claim forward our friendly team will explain the next steps. We work on a no win no fee basis and if you do not receive any compensation then there is no fee payable, it really is that simple.

What happens if I lose my no win no fee claim?

Whilst we hope this doesn’t happen as we seek to get the compensation you are entitled to, on occasion a claim will not be upheld or compensation awarded. We fully understand that this can be very stressful and this is why we work on a no win no fee basis and this means that you have no fees from us to be worried about.

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